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About DirectNET Broadband

DirectNet Broadband is a self-owned and operated Internet Service Provider that delivers high-speed, reliable and exciting Internet services at very competitive prices to best suit the short/long term needs of People.

DirectNet Broadband is a highly rated company for its quality of service, technical support and speed. We take pride to be a respected Internet Service Provider (ISP) of Patna, Bihar.

We Work with a Simple Policy, Be open & honest All Times.

  • At DirectNet Broadband We Promise To:
    1. Deliver high speed Internet at a competitive price.
    2. Provide a high level of installation services to deliver best customer satisfaction.
    3. Operate with honesty to achieve a superior customer experience via clear, simple and streamlined network.
    4. Offer Services by highly skilled and engaged people whose actions and attitudes are the basis of our enduring success.
    5. Ensure consistency, simplicity and scalability in our service delivery to maximize customer growth and retention opportunities.

DirectNet Broadband provides a safe and secured wireless broadband service to home and enterprise customer of Patna. DirectNet is one of the largest broadband distribution company with a strong prominence on quality of service (Qos).

If you have any specific queries or comments regarding our Privacy Policy.
Please email us at: info@myDirectNET.com or call us at +91-9534909595.

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303, R K Niwas, Adjacent to Ishan Girls School,
Bailey Road, Patna, India - 801503
Phone : +91-8595-24-24-61
E-mail : info@mydirectnet.com

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